StudentChoice (Powered By WLD)  Card costs BDT 500/- & Privilages (Powered By WLD) Card costs BDT 1000/- and it is valid for 12 months only from the date of Purchase.

There is no hidden costs.

Once your WLD Card is expired, you can send us renewal fee or purchase a new Card to continue enjoying WLD offers. To know more contact us at or Send us massage in Facebook Massenger

We will always update the website regularly with the latest discounts available. WLD Card is usable in Bangladesh and other registered businesses overseas. WLD Logo/ table talker will be visible; in most of our registered member’s door/shop or counter.

We send news updates to all our subscribed members via Email, Facebook, SMS and other means of communication.

Once you fill a FORM and purchase an WLD Card, that document is valid for that card tenure only.

With one We Love Discount card, you will get discount up to 50% in your daily purchase.

To receive your discount, simply show your Valid WLD Card at the register or counter. Your discount will be automatically applied to all valid purchases or services.

To buy or order an WLD Card, you must check our website for detailed information. More and more renowned businesses will be added time to time.

Anyone above 15 years of age including tourists can buy and use an WLD Card.

WLD Card is for personal use ONLY. However, person carrying the card can avail discounts in group.

Generally lost, damaged, not satisfied or in any other case, WLD will not make any replacement or, refund. Customers have the right to write us a complaint or a refund request.

Your Membership expiration date is NOT visible in your WLD Card. If date is expired, you must buy a new card or send renewal fee for new validity in our system or send us a request in or Send us massage in Facebook Massenger

Your Card is the access to your benefits, and it is important that you ALWAYS carry it with you to receive your discounts.

Sorry, but Card benefits are for your individual use only and are non-transferable.

You must buy a new Card.

If you have a question or a problem, you may contact us via email request form or or Send us massage in Facebook Massenger

Your privacy is important to us. No, we do not distribute you information at any mean.

After you enroll you may select to opt out of all WLD communications. You can unsubscribe any time. Please note, however, if you elect to do so you would miss out on Member-only special offers and discounts, an exclusive benefit of WLD Card every now and then.

You can opt out of email offers by following the directions to unsubscribe at the bottom/top of every email message we send.

There are a number of reasons why you may not be receiving emails from us. Here are the most common:
Emails are sent to the email address provided at the time of your WLD Card purchase, when you provide your email address in Card form. Therefore, the email address on record in our database may be out of date, incorrect or invalid.
Your mailbox could be full.
Your server may be busy.
Your ISP could be blocking WLD communications.
We may have removed you from the active mailing list due to several failed attempts (bounce back) of communicating to your specified address.
You or your ISP may be using a “spam” filter that inadvertently blocks the legitimate emails you have subscribed to.
You unsubscribed and forgot

Please add our email as safe from spam/ junk folder.Just inform us via Email or Send us massage in Facebook Massenger


‘We Love Discount’ or WLD is a Trademark EXPO which is a Loyalty marketing organization that provides marketing offers, services, consultation through a Website for different areas for the locals and tourists. With one card customer will get hundreds of discount outlets of different category businesses across the nation which will let them LIVE MORE, SPEND LESS.

Yes. Each card sold has its own designated number. You can use your computer to track redemptions. In addition, we can furnish you with additional data such as total number of cards sold, primary areas where they were sold, and percentage of new or repeated customers/ clients to whom we have sold.

Most of our card sales will come from the Online Advertising and Tele Sales and Events in different organization and area.
Some of our card sales will come from the Third Party Sales Network of independent distributors and their respective sales forces. These distributors canvas businesses to extend a personal invitation on our behalf.
Moreover, WLD will empower other organization’s loyalty or membership cards by placing its LOGO on those cards. Any card with the WLD logo in it (Authorized by us and design will be published in will be your customer.

The offers on your promotion are designated to do two things: get new customers in the door and get them to come back. Unlike television, radio, newspaper or direct mail our promotion is easily measured and tracked. Repeat rates vary by product category, but are typically 4-6 times greater than other forms media! The number one factor in building a long-term relationship with your customers is their first impression of your business. The customers we bring you have pre-invested in your business…they definitely will be visiting you!

Consumers view programs from the WLD as loyalty or new customer introduction packages more than discount programs. We tell customers that in lieu of investing your money in media and advertising, you want to reach out personally to them. In a particular area/ street/ radius there are more than 2 Shops of same categories, while our customer will get attractive discount from only one shop. With one card they will get hundreds of discounts from hundreds of shop across the city which will attract the customer. The beauty of this approach for you is that it is performance based, because you only allow such discount when someone redeems an offer/ avail discounts from you. You only pay for our advertising when it brings customers through your door.

It varies according to the venue and contract tenure. Our goal is to increase your traffic flow at a controlled rate. We work with you to drive in the optimal amount of business based on your capacity.

No there are not. WLD knows how to drive new business. Our program is designed as a Win, Win, Win! You win because there are no up-front costs; you simply redeem the offers/ allow discount agreed upon. The customers win because they feel they’re getting a good deal and we win as we capture one customer out of every ten to whom we speak.

Each card sold has a designated number. We can furnish you with additional data such as number of cards sold to date, primary areas where they were sold and percentage of new customers/clients to whom we have sold.

No. You will get the physical customers only. No customer data will be shared with you. Whereas we will have a database of our customers for tracking and marketing issues, only who subscribe with us for news letters, new offers. We can do the email marketing on your behalf with a nominal fees with filtered customers.

Everyone including Tourists (with personal identity) are eligible to apply and buy an We Love Discount Card. The minimum age to apply for the Card is 15 years old.

The Card is not transferable – it is for the personal.

You simply decide a discount that you want to offer to our members, then click here to LIST YOUR BUSINESS FREE or Contact Us for assistance.

It’s completely free of charge to promote your business with We Love Discount. There are no joining fees or commissions and no hidden charges.