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Student Choice card is for Students with more facilities. Privilege card is designed for all. The price and offers available make these two card different. More cards will be available in market very soon which will be powered by- WLD.

One of the wonderful perks of being a student is that businesses are throwing discounts at you all the time. You are a prime marketing audience, now and in the future. Because of that, businesses want to engage with you and buy your brand loyalty early on. That’s fantastic news for your wallet.

There is no student discount schemes around. STUDENT CHOICE powered by  WLD is first of its kind. Launched in 2016, the WLD team have teamed up with many businesses to bring you the kind of discounts worth signing up for. It is the number one student discount card in Bangladesh and the network is growing everyday.

Student Choice Card is 50% lesser then all other WLD cards! And sometimes its FREE!

That’s right. The Student Choice card is only Tk. 500 for 12 Months. Where as other cards cost Tk. 1,000. We care for students and wants to grow with you.

You DO have to be a student, but you can be a student at any institution, school or education establishment in Bangladesh. You don’t have to be at a university to benefit from big discounts.

Why limit your choices to a select range of businesses? The We Love Discount will bring you discounts from over 200 businesses, and some of those discounts are only available with our card.

If you have a card Powered By WLD, you are a proud member of WLD. You will get the same facilities other WLD card holders are getting. Need to know more? Contact Us. We will get back to you ASAP.

What do you get the student who doesn’t have anything? As far as gift ideas go, students need lots of things they probably don’t want, so why not give them the chance to buy what they want or need at big discounts? You can buy the Student Choice Card as a quirky, unique gift for any student.

Privileges card is a suitable gift for your partner or friend as well. Who doesn’t like saving?

There are hundreds of great benefits and no downsides for being a proud cardholder of We Love Discount.

If you are ready to go, sign up here. Need to know more? Contact Us

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